POST Account/RegisterWithMobileNumberPassword

Registers a new account with a mobile number and password

POST Account/CompleteRegistration

Completes the registration process

POST Account/LoginWithMobileNumberPassword

Logs in a user with a mobile number and password and returns a SessionToken for use with all subsequent stateful calls

POST Account/RequestResetPasswordWithMobileNumber

Requests reset password using a mobile number if the password is forgotten. If the mobile number exits, an SMS with a verification code will be sent to that number.

POST Account/ResetPasswordWithMobileNumber

Resets the users forgotten password to a new one

POST Account/GetAccountDetails

Gets the personal details for the account

POST Account/UpdatePassword

Updates the users password to a new one.

POST Account/UpdateAccountDetails

No documentation available.

POST Account/GetBalance

Gets the account's balance details


POST Data/GetCountries

Returns a list of supported countries.

POST Data/GetCurrencies

Returns a list of supported currencies.

POST Data/GetLanguages

Returns a list of supported languages.


POST Bet/PlaceBet

Places a new bet if there are enough funds available in the accounts wallet. This call will also deduct the bet amount from the wallet.

POST Bet/SettleBet

Settle's a bet that was previously made. If IsWinningBet is set to true, the accounts balance will be updated with the winnings.

POST Bet/BulkSettleBet

Settle's multiple bets that were previously made. If IsWinningBet is set to true, the accounts balance will be updated with the winnings.

POST Bet/DiscardBet

Cancelled or postponed a bet after a bet has been placed.

POST Bet/BulkDiscardBet

Bulk cancel or postpone bets after bets have been placed.

POST Bet/CreateCoupon

Creates a new coupon and sets a MaxPayout value for that coupon.

POST Bet/GetAccountMaxPayoutForCoupon

Gets the max payout for the account for that coupon. (CouponMaxValue * AccountStakefactor)

POST Bet/GetMaxPayoutForCoupon

Gets the max payout for the the coupon in USD.


POST Wallet/RegisterCreditCard

Registers a new credit card to purchase with. Type: 1=credit 2=debit

POST Wallet/GetRegisteredCreditCards

Gets a list of credit cards that the logged in user has registered. This call is meant to populate a drop down list int the UI for the user to choose which card he would like to purchase with.

POST Wallet/DeleteRegisteredCreditCard

Deletes the registered credit card from the account.

POST Wallet/PurchaseWithCard

makes a purchase with a previously registered card

POST Wallet/PurchaseWithMPesa

completes a purchase from MPesa

POST Wallet/Cashin

Kicks off the cashin process, and deducts the cashin amount from the accounts wallet.

POST Wallet/GetTransactions

Gets a list of the accounts financial transaction for the specified date range. Transaction Types: Unknown = 0, Purchase = 1, Bonus = 2, Wager = 3, Payout = 4, Refund = 5, Cashin = 6,